Looking for the Best LED Light for Growing Plants Indoors – Here’s Our Take on the Top 3

Plants that cannot be grown outdoors can be grown indoors, in secrecy. This not only allows you to have exotics right in your home but also lets you take better care of them. For the best variety, you must use the best LED light for growing plants indoors.

Nothing stops the air; the soil can be brought in too, in the pots, but where to get the sunlight from indoors? Mostly it’s inaccessible, and therefore, you need LED lights as a substitute for sunlight to ensure the healthy growth of your indoor plants.

After evaluating the overall efficiency, brightness, cost, ease of setup, and course performance, we listed the three best-led lights for indoor growing plants.

We’ve reduced your effort by analyzing the pros and cons, with a summary followed by a detailed description of each pick. Read along and choose the one that sounds right for your setup.

What kind of plants can you grow indoors?

Indoor plants are an excellent pick for people who want to explore gardening or take it up professionally. Some low-maintenance plants grown indoors are snake plants, cast iron plants, and peace lily.

Is it legal to grow plants indoors?

It varies from place to place, general or decorative plants are permissible to grow, but marijuana and cannabis are illegal. In the United States, many states have begun legalizing it for medicinal purposes only.

At a Glance

Best Budget: Spider Farmer SE3000

Best Performance: Spider Farmer SE7000

Best overall: Spider Farmer SE5000


1Spider Farmer SE7000Maximum uniformity. High efficiency. Detachable driver
2Spider Farmer SE5000Lightweight and highly portable. Uniform light distribution. Top-notch quality
3Spider Farmer SE3000Passively cool light bars. Perfect for regular use. Dimming daisy-chain


Spider Farmer SE7000 – Best Performance


With a dimming daisy chain and a tool that provides you maximum efficiency and uniformity, the Spider farmer SE7000 is the best horticulture LED in the market. All the lights are waterproof and they come with a5 year service warranty as well.


  • Up to 60% increases yield
  • Light bar extended on the edges
  • Easy to assemble
  • Superior quality build
  • Red enhanced full spectrum


  • Old fashioned design
  • 75% green light which is useless while growing medical marijuana

The first pick on our list is the 2022 Newest SPIDER FARMER SE7000 LED Grow Lights working exceptionally for most of the people who have purchased them. Based on the fantastic specifications and the reviews, we have put it on the top list.

Let’s begin with the unique design of the LED set, with eight extended bars forming a canopy and providing maximum coverage to the indoor field. The Full spectrum (3200-4200K,4800-5000k, 650-665nm) perfectly adapts to each phase of the plant cycle, automatically controlling light intensity to ensure proper growth of your field.

Moreover, the aluminum heat sink at the back of the panel keeps the lights cooled and increases airflow. All the lights are waterproof, so there is nothing to conscious about while watering the plants. The best part is the daisy chain dimming that allows you to connect to other light bars.

The brand guarantees quality and offers a five-year warranty for these lights.

Spider Farmer SE5000 – best overall


Innovatively designed with 6 LED light bars and an upgraded spectrum, Spider Farmer SE5000, is worth buying and is considered to be the best LED light to grow plants indoors. The best part about SE5000 is the convenience of adjusting light mode per need.


  • Uniform heat distribution for healthy growth
  • Improved canopy coverage
  • Aluminum frame for enhanced airflow
  • Energy-efficient performance
  • Top-notch performance and quality


  • Too many to assemble
  • Expensive price tag
  • Poor mounting brackets

The full and upgraded light spectrum of SE5000 lets the veg plants grow and loom fully. The light adjusting knob enables you to adjust the light intensity per the growing stage.

The aluminum frame at the back maintains airflow and prevents heating issues. Don’t worry about the moisture damage. Spider frame products are water-proof to avoid possible damage.

The extended design of SE5000 offers improved canopy coverage to edge cultivating areas. The even light distribution makes sure the plant grows healthy and nutritious. Spider Farmer SE5000 will cover up all. From personal 4×4 to 3×3 commercial plant growth.

Spider Farmer SE3000 – Best Budget



Spider Farmer SE3000 will make sure your plants are as green and healthy as you want with full canopy and efficiency. In short, these LED lights will give the same atmosphere plants get outdoor.


  • Perfect for personal and commercial use
  • Uniform light distribution
  • Passively cool light bars
  • 5-years warranty
  • 3×3 high yielding cycle growth


  • Sometimes produces too much heat
  • Poor wiring
  • Poor customer support

Continuous use often causes heating issues, but with Spider Farmer SE3000, you are safe. The vented aluminum design offers maximum airflow to keep the LED light bars cool and prevent short circuits.

Moreover, the light adjusting knob lets you adjust the intensity with one click. The daisy-chain dimming feature is second to none. You can hook up to 30 SE3000 light bars using the daisy-chain feature.

On maximum, SE3000 draws 300 watts with LM301B Samsung diodes. The 2.75 UMOL/J PPE offers high efficiency for better and healthy growth. The water-proof gel on top makes sure the light bars are safe from moisture damage.

Buying Guide – Best LED Light For Growing Plants Indoors

Growing plants indoors sounds fun but is also a responsibility on your shoulder. Of course, you can’t give the same natural habitat to the plants, yet you can make sure they get all the nutrition necessities for growth. 

En route to finding the best-LED lights to grow plants indoors, you will come across dozens of things. In this section, we are highlighting the factors you need to know before getting the best one.

Adjustable Spectrum Outcome

From the seedling to a fully grown stage, plants demand different light intensities per the growing stage. Always make sure the LED lights have an adjustable outcome. This will help you adjust the intensity per need and prevent plant burning and falling due to excessive sunlight.

Passive Heat Distribution

Have you ever noticed electronic gadgets heat up after continuous use? This heating sometimes causes short circuits and light fuses. Here, what you need to check is the passive heat distribution.

Passive heat distribution makes sure the LED light bars don’t get heated up after hours of use—even the design matters for heat dispersal. The vented design offers maximum airflow to keep the Spider frames products cool.

Quality over Looks

Whenever we buy anything, we pay for the quality. While going through multiple options, some will catch your attention with their looks while some with their quality. Always opt for the one that marks rate.

Remember, you will be hanging the LED light bars in the air for uniform lighting. Poor quality hocks will result in falling light bars and damage the plants eventually. Besides that, looks will last a month or maybe two. But high-quality adjustable spectrum LED grow lights will last a lifetime.

Energy Efficient

Won’t you think about your electricity bill’s effect with the continuous use of LED light bars? High power consumption will result in a high electricity bill, which you might not be able to afford at some points. Ensure the best LED light for growing plants indoors is energy efficient to put less burden on your electricity bills. 


The last considering factor in this list is here! Natural light has its properties and composition, which helps plants to grow and bloom. Replacing it with LED light bars will leave some aspects behind.

Have a detailed inspection that the indoor LED grows lights are eco-friendly and do not emit such radiation harmful to the plants and environment. This will help you eliminate the possible chances of airborne diseases and abnormal plant growth.


Full-spectrum LED grow lights for indoor plants don’t come in a standard size. While deciding on the size, you need to finalize how many plants you will be cultivating. 

The more the plants, the larger the size for better coverage. Besides that, if you plan to move the LED grow lights frequently, lightweight and portable will be the best option for you. 


So, are you done shopping for the best LED light for growing plants indoors? Whatever you end up having, make sure it marks quality performance. 

The top three mentioned spider frame products are worth buying options for the money with high-quality performance.


Can I use standard LED lights to grow plants indoors?

Yes, you can as long they offer enough PPFD. But one thing about regular LED lights is they aren’t powerful enough and heat up with continuous use. 

What color LED is best for growing plants?

The most recommended color for growing plants is Red and Violet-blue. These two colors promote chlorophyll absorption, which is perfect for plant growth and photosynthesis. 

Is it safe to grow plants indoors with led lights?

Growing plants indoors with LED grow lights is 100% safe. Indoor habitat will keep the plants safe from pests, perfect for healthy growth.