5 Best Vanity Lights For Round and Oval Mirror

Vanity light is one of the essential factors in making your dressing area look great, especially if you have an oval or round mirror above it. We have researched and listed the top 5 best vanity lights for round and oval mirror

The proper lighting will make you look healthier and more radiant, but bad lighting will make you look older and duller by highlighting imperfections in your skin, hair, or makeup.

By choosing the right vanity light for round and oval mirror, you’ll feel better about yourself and have an easier time applying your makeup each day. Here are five options of the best vanity lights that will work well in any vanity room with an oval or round mirror!

Best Vanity Light For Oval Mirror

What Is A Vanity Light?

A vanity light is a light fixture specifically designed to provide focused illumination for applying makeup, grooming, or in some instances, reading. It’s usually attached directly above a dresser or other dressing table.

Historically, they were fixed directly to these furniture pieces; today, they’re more commonly mounted separately on their frame.

Vanity Lights For Round Mirror

5 Best Vanity Lights For Round & Oval Mirror

1. FOLKSMATE 2 Light Matte Black Vanity Light

FOLKSMATE 2 Light Matte Black Vanity Light

This vanity light offers a stylish and contemporary matte black finish with high-quality construction: the metal back-plate features advanced technology to make it moisture, rust & fog-proof, and anti-corrosion.

The thick clear glass shades protect the bulbs and maximize their light while adding a touch of classic ambiance to any space.

It features E26 (see also ‘What Is An E26 Base?‘) sockets that are heat-resistant, making it easy to change the look of the light fixture at any time by simply changing the bulb. This 2-light wall lighting is fully dimmable with its compatible dimmer switch, allowing you to control the desired brightness.

It comes with all the hardware you need and can be attached to the wall in any direction. Whether you’re looking for a simple, elegant light for your vanity or want to add some industrial flair to your bathroom, this sconce is a great choice.

The matte black finish and farmhouse design will look great in any room, and the wide range of applications means that it can be used just about anywhere.


  • Stylish contemporary look
  • High quality thick clear glass shades
  • Supports any LED/CFL/or other E26 base bulbs
  • Comes with all mounting hardware accessories
  • Can be installed up or down direction
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • The only con is that the bulbs are not included.

2. LPHUMEX Led Vanity Mirror Lights

LPHUMEX Led Vanity Mirror Lights

The LPHUMEX Vanity Mirror Lights is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve a Hollywood glam style vanity without spending a lot of money. These LED lights are a great way to brighten up any vanity and make it feel like you’re getting ready in a movie star’s bathroom.

It offers consumers a quick and easy installation process and high-quality lighting that is perfect for any vanity mirror. With no assembly or electrical wiring required, this vanity light can be installed in minutes by simply sticking it firmly to a wall, mirror, or mirror frame.

These popular LED vanity light fixtures are perfect for all of your mirror needs from the bedroom to the bathroom and beyond. These lights come equipped with a waterproof design to use in any room of your home, even in wet areas like the shower!

It comes with a smart touch dimmer, so you can easily adjust the brightness. Plus, it features an on/off switch, so you can quickly turn the light on and off.


  • It gives you the Hollywood style vanity look for a fraction of the price
  • Easy to install- no assembly or electrical wiring required
  • Waterproof and can be used in multiple locations
  • Touch dimmer allows you to adjust the brightness to your preference
  • A chic look that adds better lighting to your makeup table


  • Plastic Build

3. MELUCEE 40 Inches Length Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures

MELUCEE 40 Inches Length Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures

The MELUCEE bathroom vanity light fixtures provide a unique and stunning design. These light fixtures are made with clear glass cylinders and emit an optimally bright ambiance. The wall mount design allows the sconce to be installed in an upwards or downwards position, providing more flexibility.

The sconce uses a E26 bulb, which can be LED, CFL, or any other less than 60W bulb. The sconce is also fully dimmable when used with a compatible dimmer switch.

It can be used as a bathroom vanity light, living room sconces wall lighting, bedroom light fixtures, or porch light fixtures wall mount.

The installation is straightforward and takes only minutes to complete. The light fixture is made of durable metal with a white finish, and it features four frosted glass shades that provide plenty of light.


  • Unique design allows for multiple installation options
  • Maximizes light output
  • Attractive clear glass cylinder


  • Bulbs not included
  • Installation hardware not included

4. Pretmess Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

Pretmess Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

Pretmess Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror Lights Kit can be your next lighting kit for completing your makeup and dressing. With three color temperature modes and ten adjustable brightness levels, you can find the perfect light setting for your needs.

These lights are recommended by professional makeup artists and provide an excellent makeup experience. This light kit is perfect for any mirror with high-quality 3M adhesive tape and an adjustable wire. The transparent tapes won’t leave any marks on the mirror when you want to remove the light!

This kit provides a bright and natural light that won’t hurt your eyes with energy-saving LED bulbs. The durable design ensures that you can use these lights for years to come.


  • Hollywood style led vanity mirror lights
  • Three color temperature modes
  • Ten adjustable brightness levels
  • Evenly fill light from multiple angles
  • Hidden extra wire
  • High quality 3M double-sided tape
  • Energy-saving
  • Durable
  • Not hurting the eyes
  • 100% customer satisfaction


  • None noted

5. Ralbay Modern LED Crystal Bathroom Vanity Lights

Ralbay Modern LED Crystal Bathroom Vanity Lights

The Ralbay Modern Bathroom Vanity Lights are made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. This light fixture has a luminous flux of up to 1000 lumens, making it perfect for bathrooms, hallways, or any other indoor space. It features a simple but elegant design that will complement any décor.

The stainless steel lamp body is smooth as a mirror and has strong corrosion resistance, making it perfect for use in a bathroom. Additionally, the premium transparent crystal lampshades provide plenty of light while adding a touch of elegance to your décor.

The company offers hardwired, easy-to-install fixtures. With a standard installation backplate, these lights can easily mount on the electric box and connect to the reserved wire directly.


  • High-quality stainless steel lamp body that is smooth and does not rust or fade
  • Premium transparent crystal lampshades
  • UL listed for safety
  • Easy to install


  • No switch or plug on the fixture itself
  • Requires a US standard socket.

Choosing Vanity Lights For Round Mirror & Oval Mirror


Brightness is an important aspect when shopping for vanity lights. The illumination that’s too dim or uneven will not be pleasant and might even cause discomfort. Try to choose lights that offer plenty of brightness and are adjustable, so you can decide how much light you need for a given situation.

If you plan on applying makeup, look for a model with a brighter setting, so your face looks defined. Choosing a dimmer option is ideal if you have trouble seeing low-light conditions. You also want to ensure no harsh shadows, which could accentuate any imperfections on your skin.

To test brightness, stand up from where you usually sit while putting on makeup and look at how well it illuminates your entire face. It would be best if you also tried out different bulbs (see below) to see which works best for you.


The lights you pick for your round vanity mirror should be durable and long-lasting. Make sure that they can withstand moisture and heat and a potential power surge. Also, consider getting multiple lights so that if one malfunction, you still have options. 

Size and shape

The shape of your mirror will determine which light you choose. If it’s round or oval, you’ll want to pick a vanity light that complements its shape (shorter and wider lights are great for round mirrors).

Also, consider if you have enough room on your vanity to fit a large chandelier—while these can be beautiful and add a lot of charm to a space, they may not work well in small areas.

Color options

Before deciding on a round or oval vanity light for your mirror, consider what color you want it to be. We’re not just talking about power cords and plug-ins here—instead, do you want an all-white or white/black option? Are there particular shades you prefer over others?

Modern design with sleek stainless steel is always a good choice. Otherwise, have fun picking out whichever colors match your space! Try going bold with wild shades of green or yellow or sticking to classic black.


The price of a vanity light largely depends on its size, type, and brand. You can easily find vanity lights priced under $50, but these are not as durable and classy as those priced between $50 and $200.

The good news is that most of them come with warranties from their manufacturers, so you get at least two years to enjoy your purchase without worrying about repairing it or replacing it with a new one.


While most vanity lights are built to last, you never know when something might go wrong. Some manufacturers have great warranty programs, and some do not.

Some will fix anything for free under warranty but charge an arm and a leg if you need help outside of that timeframe. Make sure to read through your warranty carefully before you buy.

How Do You Light A Round Mirror?

A round mirror is a piece of artwork that every room needs to complete its look. Unfortunately, there are no pre-drilled holes to install a light fixture in a mirror.

Therefore, it isn’t easy to have it installed and appropriately attached. This leaves you with no choice but to leave it unlighted or look for creative ways to add lights.

Fortunately, many vanity lights can be used on your round mirrors. These vanity lights can easily be mounted on any wall. They come in different shapes and sizes and various finishes to match your home décor.

How Big Should A Vanity Light Be Compared To Mirror?

The size and shape of a vanity mirror can differ. A small bathroom might only need a 13×9-inch rectangular mirror, while an expansive master bathroom could benefit from a large oval mirror.

Before you buy a vanity light, make sure it’s big enough to illuminate your entire face without causing glare in your eyes.

Should Vanity Lights Be Longer Than Mirror?

Choosing lighting fixtures that complement their surroundings is essential when it comes to vanity lights for your bathroom or bedroom. The essential thing that you need to know before buying vanity lights is whether they will work with your mirror.

Most round mirrors can be fitted with flush-mount lights; these are shorter in length and have an edging to avoid covering up any part of your mirror’s surface.

Final Words

Choosing vanity lights for your mirror is essential for designing and decorating a bathroom. You will want to select lighting that fits your style, provides good illumination, and is easy to install.

After looking at all of these recommendations, which light are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments! Also, don’t forget to bookmark this post and share it with friends!