10 Coolest Lights for Bedroom Ideas

Bedrooms can be functional spaces where we go to sleep and rejuvenate, or they can be rooms that we spend more time in than anywhere else in the house. 

Whether you’re looking to make your bedroom more functional or add some pizzazz to the space, you can add more color and flair to your bedroom with cool lights.

Here’s a list of the coolest lights for bedroom, so you can try them out and find the one that works best.

Top 10 Coolest Lights for Bedroom

#1: LED Strip Lights

Coolest LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights (see also ‘How To Fix LED Light Strips‘) are some of the coolest lights for your bedroom. These LED lights have an adhesive backing, and they can stick to any surface without damaging your walls or paint.

You can also bend these into any shape, making them perfect for highlighting curves or corners.

LED strip lights come in a variety of colors, so you can choose one that’s best suited to fit your room’s theme. 

#2: Smart Recessed Lighting

Smart Recessed Lighting For Bedroom

These lights are fantastic because they give your room a cool glow that looks like moonlight and gives you lighting where you need it most.

The cool thing about smart lights is that, with a hub, they can be controlled from your phone. Another great feature: these lights come in so many different styles to match any décor!

#3: Star Projector Light

Star Projector Light For Bedroom

Consider using a star projector light if you’re looking for cool bedroom ceiling lights. This is an excellent option if you have kids who love astronomy; it projects stars onto your ceiling so that it looks like you’re sleeping under a night sky. 

Many people find star projector lights to be calming and relaxing, but they can also serve as a fun way to add atmosphere to any room.

#4: LED String Lights

Bedroom LED String Lights

LED string lights are fun and decorative, making them a great addition to any room of your home. The LED string lights are versatile; you can hang them from ceilings, bed frames, or almost anything.

They are a perfect choice for little kids’ bedrooms as well. These cool bedroom ceiling lights are unique because they have an automatic timer.

Once you turn them on, they will automatically shut off after a few hours. This way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn them off before sleeping at night. 

If you want something even more convenient than that, remote-controlled LED string lights also come with their remote control units, so you can turn them on and off without getting out of bed!

#5: Colorful LED lights

Bedroom Colorful LED Lights

Colorful LED lights are an excellent idea if you want your bedroom to stand out and add some flair to it. Not only will they give your bedroom a cool futuristic feel, but they’ll be extremely decorative and look amazing at night. 

This type of lighting is also great if you have kids who like to play with light switches because they won’t be able to turn them off. And with many of these lights being cheap, it won’t cost much either!

#6: Lava Lamps

Lava Lamps For Bedroom

Most of us have probably seen a lava lamp at some point in our lives; their aesthetic has a timeless quality that never goes out of style.

A lava lamp is one of those things you don’t necessarily need, but you can’t resist picking up when you see one. The psychedelic qualities are hard to describe—you have to experience them yourself.

#7: Smart Floor Lamps

Smart Floor Lamps For Bedroom

If you’re looking for a minimalist, single-color light source that won’t cast weird shadows or distract you from your reading material, consider getting a Lumilove lamp.

The soft white light is perfect for bedrooms and works equally well on a table or mounted on your ceiling. It’s also energy-efficient and produces no heat, so you can keep it on all night without causing any trouble.

#8: Aurora Light Pillow

Aurora Light Pillow

This cool LED light will make your bedroom look like a fun-filled amusement park in your favorite color scheme.

Imagine spending every night surrounded by clouds of shimmering aurora-borealis lights as you drift off to sleep.

This unique, space-age pillow comes in different colors and can be set to any intensity with a simple touch of a button.

It’s also easy to wipe it down with water once a week to keep it clean.

#9: Portable Reading Light

Cool Portable Reading Lights

Reading lights are portable, durable, and attached to almost any surface. Whether you’re reading in bed or on a long plane ride, these lights ensure that you never have to strain your eyes or hold a flashlight.

If you’re prone to restless sleep when trying to read before bed, it might be helpful to consider investing in a clip-on light that doesn’t block out all light—an eternally vexing problem with most lamps.

#10: EOS Light Bulb Set

EOS Light Bulb Set For Bedroom

The EOS light bulb set is designed to provide full-spectrum light, which helps ease seasonal affective disorder (SAD) symptoms.

If you have a dark bedroom, you may have trouble sleeping. The soft white LEDs of EOS lights help reduce eyestrain and eliminate headaches caused by blue light that interferes with sleep patterns.

They’re also dimmable and flicker-free—great if you have epilepsy or any condition that makes flickering lights dangerous.

What LED Light Color Makes Your Room Cooler?

If you want to create a cool room, use blue lights. If you want to read, use the yellow light. Blue light is the most effective for relaxing and sleeping. While yellow lights are great for studying, they may cause eye strain.

Are LED lights Warm Or Cool?

LED lights are perfect for bedroom ceiling lights because they give off a warm, welcoming glow. This can help soothe those with trouble sleeping, making them a good choice if you plan to use these lights in your room.

For other areas in your home, it’s best to choose between warm and cool colors when buying new LED lights to ensure they match well with their surroundings.

Is LED Lighting Good for Bedrooms?

LED lighting, which typically is blue-toned, has a reputation as being harsh and non-soothing. Although some LED lights are not very flattering in a bedroom setting, there are ways to use LED lighting in your room without looking gaudy or causing eye strain.

LED lights with warmer tones can be used in bedrooms; what’s most important is choosing light bulbs that fit your décor and provide enough illumination. If you’re planning on using LEDs for your bedroom, consider these tips:

1. Look at how many lumens you need: A lumen is a unit of measurement for brightness. If you’re choosing between two bulbs with different lumen ratings but identical wattage ratings, go with the higher lumen rating—the bulb will be brighter and more effective at providing light in dark spaces like hallways and bathrooms.

In comparison, if you’re deciding between two similarly rated incandescent or CFLs (both of which have lower lumens per watt than LEDs), look at their color temperature ratings instead—incandescent bulbs have a warm glow while CFLs tend toward cool tones.

2. Choose LED bulbs that fit your décor:

 Although it’s possible to find LED lights that emit white light similar to an incandescent bulb, they are not all created equal.

Some produce blue-toned light that can make skin appear sallow; others have yellowish-green undertones that make skin appear jaundiced.

For bedrooms, stick with warmer colors such as amber or soft white; these colors are easier on your eyes and won’t give off a harsh glare when you wake up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

3. Consider how much illumination you need: While bright lighting may be necessary for hallways and bathrooms, your bedroom should be relatively dark. At the same time, you sleep so that your body has time to recover from daily wear and tear (such as exposure to UV rays).

If you’re choosing between two different types of LED bulbs with different lumen ratings but identical wattage ratings, opt for a lower lumen rating—the bulb will provide more ambient light than brighter lighting without causing eye strain or making it difficult for you to fall asleep at night.

On average, 10-15 lumens per square foot is sufficient for most bedrooms.

4. Consider color temperature: Color temperature refers to how warm or cool a light appears. Warm hues tend toward orange and red tones, while cool hues lean toward blue ones; each has its pros and cons depending on what mood you want to set in your bedroom.

To set a relaxing tone, consider warm-colored LEDs such as 2700K or 3000K; these lights are ideal if you plan on using them for bedside reading lamps because they help ease eye strain after staring at screens all day long (iPads, eReaders).

5. Make sure you’ve got enough light: In choosing cool LED lights for your bedroom, it’s important to know how many watts you’ll need based on your room size.

Overall Benefits To LED Lights

LED lights are environmentally friendly. They don’t require large amounts of energy to produce and use, which means a smaller impact on our environment.

LED lights are also very durable, so you can rest assured knowing they will last for a long time! LED light bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours if used properly.

Do LED Lights Ruin Your Walls?

Since LED lights are energy-efficient, they can save you money. However, if you use them in a place with high humidity (like your bathroom), condensation will eventually ruin your walls.

This can cause staining and dripping of water, so keep LED lights out of high-humidity areas if possible. If not, invest in an LED shower head; it won’t damage your walls as much.

It’s also important to remember that LEDs will remain on when they sense moisture—so don’t accidentally leave them on when showering!


If you have purchased an LED light, you must be confused about its use. Well, many users think that these lights are just another luxury product to decorate their bedroom, but in fact, it is quite different from other lights.

These cool LED lights for bedrooms have special features that make them unique and popular among customers. So if you are also planning to buy one, keep reading to know more about these features of the coolest LED lights for bedroom.