How does Landscape Lighting Add Value to Real Estate Properties?

Are you looking to improve the outlook of your home? Do you want to ensure that what you invest pays back significantly? We know what you should do to enhance the value of your real estate and living standards.

Landscape lighting is often overlooked while constructing and accessorizing a property. However, these simple lighting techniques can make the house look aesthetically pleasing and ensure your home’s safety and security. Nothing could reduce the increasing value of your real estate if the house appears lavish and secure.

Landscape lighting is no longer a luxury, but rather a requirement. Here is a never-ending list of advantages available to you:

  • Added security and safety

Have your parents ever advised you to take a street with adequate lighting when returning home at night? We can all relate to it because areas with adequate lighting are regarded as safe and secure.

Landscape lighting adds value to your property by making it safer and more secure. When the fences are lit up, it helps you keep away any unwanted visitors. Most robberies happen during the darkest hours of the night, and having adequate lighting can scare the burglars away. 

Furthermore, the house becomes safer overall because you know what you’re stepping on while walking in your yard or at the bottom of the stairs. Adequate exterior lighting on the driveway can also provide a safe space for those who use the driveway late at night. Many accidents occur due to darkness, and having lights can help you prevent them to some extent.

It also allows people to navigate the sidewalks in the dark and creates a lit area for children to play in after the sun goes down.

That is how adding landscape lighting to your real estate increases its value.

  • Added curb appeal

A professional real estate developer will always make sure that the curb appeal of any house constructed, bought, sold, or rented has a high curb appeal.

Landscape lighting is the essential component when it comes to the curb appeal of the house. It makes the house look aesthetic and can be the number one source of attraction. 

Especially when the lights are placed nicely, and all colors can be seen, the house looks lit, and the value of your real estate increases. 

  • Cozy feels 

The better the lighting, the cozier the house looks. Dropping shadows of yellow lights from the exterior walls and trees and bushes wrapped around with RGB colors. The place seems welcoming for a pool party, a sleepover, family gatherings, or just alone time. The color selection matters a lot; the warmer the colors, the cozier it feels. 

A cozy house is probably what people would even pay a fortune for if they want to relax after retirement. 

  • Compliments exterior facilities

Imagine a great house, equipped with every lavish accessory inside as well as on the outside. A beautiful garden, a small waterfall, nicely done fences, and a tea table outside with a fancy gate sound majestic, right? But what if there aren’t any lights for it to glow in the dark?  

Visuals play an important role in how you feel about a place, a property, or its surroundings. And all of them can only be seen with the perfect landscape lighting surrounding the house. Landscape lighting adds value to real estate and raises its selling value. The more aesthetic a property looks, the more likely it is to have higher prices.

Landscape lighting compliments the exterior facilities, and you can use them at night, whether just hanging out alone or for gatherings and parties at your home.

  • It makes your property stand out 

Many elements add value to your property. These factors include the location, the house’s size, when it was built, etc. The number of facilities the house bears also are a crucial factor in determining the value of your real estate. 

However, many of these things are not under your control. What is under your control are the value-added accessories you equip your house with.

Landscape lighting can serve as a jewel to your house if placed correctly. You can see all the different colors in different areas beautifully. It makes your home stand out, and a property that stands out will bring you an attractive price.

Different types of landscape lighting

In this section, we have highlighted the standard and widely used types of landscape lighting. 

The most common yet highly preferred! Spotlights not only brighten certain areas- but also make them look more ethereal and classic. These lights project a narrow beam of light with an angle of 45 degrees.

The best part about spotlights is the flickering-free projection. Spotlights never penetrate the eyes nor target specific objects. Whether outdoors or indoors, spotlights never disappoint with their power-pack performance.

Spotlights feature energy-efficient LED bulbs that can run for hours without dimming and draining out. You can use spotlights on patios, plants, walls, architectural detail, statues, and any specific display point. 

Floodlights are somehow the same as the spotlights but are more efficient and brighter. These lights feature a narrow beam spectrum of 120 degrees that spreads and light up a large area.

The most common use of floodlights is in the driveway, entrance, and patios. Little did you know, flood lights are also used for safety purposes, thanks to their better visibility.

At night, when it all seems dark, flood lights light up the places and prevent the chances of robberies. One thing to mention is flood lights have a flickering projection as the beam spectrum is narrow.

Besides the driveway and entrance, you can also use floodlights above gates, windows, parking lots, warehouses, and stages. For even better results, project the floodlights at a certain height.

Highlighting the landscape lighting without mentioning the garden lights is no justice! The best part about having a garden is the wide availability of sizes and shapes.

Deciding on whether to install the garden lights is the most nerve-racking task. Yet, the results will be satisfying. Not to mention, the most used garden lights are mushroom-shaped.

Lighting the wall and gates only, but what about the ground? These lights are installed directly into the ground. Garden lights transform the ordinary garden, giving it a dramatic look. Moreover, you can install the garden lights nearby the walls, pathways, driveway, and grass. 

Do not think garden lights will light up the area they are installed in. Instead, the beam spectrum will spread to light up the whole area- simply amazing, right?

Having a pool in the garden will surely be a fascinating experience. But don’t you think it seems all dark during the night? Install pool lighting. Pool lights are waterproof and highly durable in performance to withstand all damages.

LED pool lights save up to 75% energy usage, leaving a relief on your budget. Mainly, pool lights are exactly like flood lights having a narrow beam spectrum to light up the pool.

  • Bollard lights

How is it possible that we will miss out on bollard lights while mentioning the types of landscape lights? In short, bollard lights are the only ones that have a light spectrum in all directions.

Bollard lights come with a stand and a cover on the top. The most common use of bollard lights is for entrance, driveway, and pathways. While installing the bollard lights to enhance the beauty of your landscape, make sure not to suffocate the place and make it look like an airport.

Does Landscape Lighting Add Value to Real Estate Properties?

Landscape lighting can add value to your property by creating an inviting space for guests and potential buyers alike. By enhancing the way your home looks at night, you’ll make it more appealing to people who want to spend time there, whether they’re coming over for dinner or looking to move in with their family.

Landscape lighting will also show off any architectural details on your home that you may not have seen during the day and make it look more attractive overall. For these reasons and more, landscape lighting adds value to real estate properties.

What are outdoor LED lights?

Outdoor LED lights use high-quality light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to project quality lighting at affordable prices. Unlike their halogen counterparts, these lights are long-lastinglong-lasting and don’t put off much heat. LEDs provide excellent illumination for outdoor living spaces, but they can add as much as 25 percent to a home’s value if properly used.

Benefits of outdoor LED lights for real estate properties

The benefits of outdoor LED lights for real estate properties should be obvious by now.

  • LED bulbs last significantly longer than traditional lighting, saving you both time and money.
  • They can also help add value to your property if you decide to sell it someday. A study found that houses with well-lit exteriors were worth $3,000 more on average than those without outside lighting.
  • Other studies have shown that people are more likely to pay a higher price for a home with a well-lit exterior.
  • It can do so in many ways, like providing safety and security at night or adding visual appeal. But the bottom line is that landscaping brings your house to life.

If you want buyers to come up to your house, they need something beautiful to look at. That’s where landscaping comes in!

So, yes! Landscape lighting can most definitely add value to your property.

Tips for installing landscape lighting on your property

Adding landscape lighting to your property can add a lot of value to your home. Here are some tips for installing and maintaining it so you can get maximum value from your investment. 

  • Hire an electrician with experience in landscape lighting installation to wiring the new lights, especially if you have a complicated yard.
  • Install fixtures that have the appropriate wattage depending on how much light is needed in different areas of the yard.
  • Invest in timers or photocells that turn lights off at night when they’re not needed or install them close enough to a switch so they can be turned off manually when desired.
  • Choose decorative fixtures that match the style of your house or give them their unique look. LEDs can also be installed as they provide good quality light while reducing electricity usage by up to 80%. If you want an attractive driveway or entrance to your property, consider adding accent lighting near these locations.
  • And finally, don’t forget about safety – make sure all outdoor lights stay lit after dark (and remember motion sensors) so passersby and emergency vehicles can see where they’re going!

Other forms of lighting that add value to homes

Most sellers think that landscape lighting adds value, but what about other forms of illumination? Let’s take a look at some examples:

Entry lights – studies have shown that homes with lit entryways sell for more. It can add as much as 5% to your selling price.

Security lights – studies have shown that well-lit homes are less likely to be broken into. Not only does it add value by making your home more attractive, but it also protects you from unwanted intruders and burglars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is landscape lighting important?

During the day, your property looks ethereal and attractive, thanks to the daylight. What about at nighttime? Landscape lights help enhance the beauty of your residence to add value.

How much does landscape lighting cost?

It depends on what type of landscape lighting you are installing. Each has a different price rate, from spotlights to bollard lights to garden lights.

What are three reasons for lighting a landscape?

If you think you can enhance the beauty of your property without adding landscape lights, then there is no need to invest. Think about the positive side. Besides beautifying your property, these lights also make your home safer.


With this, we hope now you know how landscape lighting adds value to real estate properties. Little additions double the value of the real estate property; little did you know.

Whatever landscape lighting you choose, make sure it matches the vibes and is fashionable. Also, don’t forget to check the energy efficiency of the light as you don’t want to double up your electricity bills.