Top 7 Best Fiddle Leaf Fig Grow Lights in 2022

Hey, do you want to grow plants indoors, but can’t find the best fiddle leaf fig grow lights? Get with us and check out the seven best options.

The fiddle leaf fig is undoubtedly a perfect plant for home decoration due to its unique look and ability to flourish indoors. But, there’s a catch: you need a good source of sunlight. 

Most people think that it’s impossible to grow plants in an apartment or a home due to the inadequate source of sunlight. However, that’s only a misconception. Thanks to the fiddle leaf fig grow lights, now everyone can horticulture plants at any place. 

To save your time, we’ve reviewed the overall performance of all the lights and selected the best LED to grow lights for you. Below you can read the buying guide, pros, cons, and brief description of each product. It will help you choose the best fiddle leaf fig grow light. 

Is it safe to grow fiddle leaf figs under grow lights?

You are not alone in wondering whether or not it is safe to grow fiddle leaf figs under grow lights. The short answer is yes. 

The recent addition of LED grow lights has made growing plants indoors effortless. These lights are eco-friendly, power-packed in performance, and affordable to everyone. Whatever plant you want to grow, the LED grow light won’t disappoint you. 

Our Top Picks Of Fiddle Leaf Fig Grow Lights 

1LBW, Full Spectrum LED Light Energy efficient
Work efficiently
High-quality LED lights
2Relassy LED Grow Light Cost-Effective
High-Quality Performance
3Juhefa LED Grow Light for Indoor PlantEasy to Operate
10-Level Brightness
3 Light mode.
4POSYLEY LED Floor Grow Lights4 Light Mode
10-Level Brightness
Cover a Wide Area
5Yadoker Plant Grow LED LightHeight-adjustable
Energy star saving
6GHodec 4-Head LED Grow Light Easy to install
Heat-proof body
USB connector
7GooingTop 6000K LEG Grow Light5-level brightness
Uniform light dispersal

1- LBW Full Spectrum LED Light – Best At Performance Summary 

The LBW full spectrum LED light is a well-made LED light that will address all problems—the best part about it is that consumers and plants like it. The LED light, according to most evaluations, keeps indoor plants alive and healthy.


● It’s easy to install. 

● Energy-efficient. 

● Lightweight. 

● Amazing performance. 


● Expensive. 

● Poor quality tripod; it could be sturdier. 

The LBW full-spectrum LED light is a perfect choice for anyone. It’s the first pick on our list due to its excellent reviews and because it’s Amazon’s choice product. While using this, you don’t need to concern yourself about the high electricity bill since it only consumes 30W of power. Isn’t it great? 

The full spectrum from 380 – 800nm provides everything (red, blue, warm, and cold white light) that fiddle leaf figs need. It’s suitable for a specific age of plant but for all stages from seeding to flowering. In addition, installing this LED light is child’s play. 

The setup isn’t heavy; it adjusts height from 15.7 inches to 48 inches. In addition, the four zip ties that are included in the package allow us to hang the LED light. It’s a perfect solution for those who don’t have room to set the tripod at home. 

Along with all features, you’ll also get 12 months warranty on the LED lights and 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee. 

2- Relassy LED Grow Light – Overall Best 


Do you usually grow plants at a table? If yes, then read the details of the Relassy LED lights carefully. It might be the grow light you’re looking for. It comes with a C-Clamp table mount bracket. That means the LED light won’t take up much space in your home.


● Features scientific heat dissipation design. 

● Easy to mount on a table. 

● 360 angle adjustable gooseneck. 

● Safe LED light. 

● The construction quality is good. 

● Two years warranty.


● Poor quality C-Clamp mount. 

● You can’t hang it on the wall. 

The second light we want to suggest is from Relassy. If you’re one of those worried sick about the safety of plants and homes, you should choose this LED light. It’s completely safe in case of overheating, overvoltage, or overcurrent. In short, nothing can harm your home or plants.  

It comes with 88 LEDs that provide light waves from 380 to 800 nm ensuring faster plant growth. Another great thing we found out is you can change the light mode with the switch. Not only that, the 18 inches gooseneck and 120-degree beam angle allow you to adjust the lights wherever you need. 

Moreover, it comes with a C-Clamp mount that helps set the light on a 0.3 to 3 inches thick table. This C-Clamp mount is excellent, particularly when you usually place the plant on a table. 

3- Juhefa LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant – Best at Budget 


Juhefa LED grow lights come with impressive features. It’s easy to adjust, install, and learn how it works is no rocket science. You only need to understand how the remote works, and you’re good to go. 


● 360 goosenecks. 

● Strong clamp. 

● Powerful LED lights. 

● Easy to use. 

● 36 months warranty. 

● Affordable. 


● The timer isn’t consistent. 

The Juhefa Gooseneck dual-head full-spectrum plant lights are a fantastic option for growing plants indoors. The best feature of this plant light is this full spectrum light gives you more control. For instance, three lighting modes are available (purple light, sunlight, and mixed light). It’s up to you which mode you think is suitable for you. 

Aside from that, you can manage the brightness of light from 10% – to 100% with the remote. The remote also features a timer and power on or off switch. Both of these options make this LED light convenient to use at home.  

4- POSYLEY LED Floor Grow LightsBest at Providing Coverage 


Do you want affordable tripod LED lights that can cover a larger area? We’ve got you covered. This POSYLEY grow light features a four-tube design that can cover a wide area and plants efficiently at the same time. 


● Cover a larger area. 

● Easy to control. 

● Easy to use. 

● Adjustable tripod. 

● High-quality light. 


● The tripod isn’t sturdy. 

● The power on or off switch doesn’t work correctly. 

The POSYLEY LED light is the last pick of our article. We’ve chosen this due to the feature of an adjustable tripod stand and intelligent controller. The controller allows you to set the light mode and brightness level between 10% to 100% as per your needs. 

The tripod neck has a flexible gooseneck that helps adjust the light heads at any position. Besides, you can change the tripod size anywhere between 15.7 inches to 42.5 inches. Another feature includes 192 full spectrum beads that provide uniform light and keep the plants healthy and alive.

5- Yadoker Plant Grow LED Light – Best for Uniform Light Dispersal


If you are looking for an innovative LED grow light that marks high-quality performance, the YADOKER LED light is what you need. Highly adjustable and power-packed in concert, that is what this LED light is all about.


  • Slim-sleek ergonomic design
  • Automatic shut off timer mode
  • Height-adjustable telescopic stand
  • Aluminum body cover for heat dispersal
  • Energy star saving


  • Not durable in performance
  • Poor working automatic timer
  • Non-adjustable brightness

The slim-sleek ergonomic design looks eye-catching when placed near the study desk or nightstand. This fiddle leaf fig grow light emits a warm glow, highly suitable for growing plants indoors.

Even when you are not home, set the timer and let the grow light take care of the plant without you. The in-built timer has three cycling modes and automatically sets itself without unplugging the light.

You can adjust the height depending on the size of your plant. The telescopic stand effortlessly goes up and down. Moreover, the aluminum cover aids in heat dispersal and prevents short circuits.

6- GHodec 4-Head LED Grow Light – Best at Brightness


With 5-level brightness and dual lighting mode, GHodec LED grow light will make sure your fiddle leaf fig plants are as healthy as you want. The tripod stand design makes this LED light eye-catching for indoor use.


  • 5-level brightness
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Highly intensive light intensity
  • It comes with a USB connector
  • Aluminum heat-proof body


  • Not super bright
  • Uneven light dispersal
  • Poor customer support

It comes with a USB connector, GHodec LED light has a USB connection to make connectivity effortless for you. The three timer modes make everyday use more convenient. 

Besides having a basic white lighting mode, GHodec features a red lighting mode. It promotes flowering, seed germination, and fruiting. Besides that, the white light mode is highly intensive to speed up photosynthesis.

Does the design seem complicated to install? All it takes is a few minutes. Everything in this fiddle leaf fig grow light is highly adjustable from light heads to stand.

7- GooingTop 6000K LEG Grow Light – Best Space-Saving Option


GooingTop LED grow light is a life-saving option when running out of space. The light is intensive yet flicker-free to remain soft to human eyes. The full-spectrum light mode gives the same growing environment to plants as the sun.


  • Strong clip for attachment
  • 5-level brightness and dimming mode
  • Uniform light dispersal
  • Flicker-free lighting mode
  • Space-saving lightweight design


  • Not as bright as mentioned
  • Poor wiring
  • Stop working after a few months

The maximum power this grow light consumes is 10 watts. At this rate, you can run the light the whole day without worrying about the electricity bill. The strong clap is also second to none. This clap securely fixes the light in one place without worrying about falling.

The light dispersal is uniform to promote fast and healthy growth. The 6000K white lighting mode with full-spectrum will keep your plants healthy. Besides that, the red lighting mode is for fruiting and flowering.

The presence of a USB connector allows you to connect the best grow light for fiddle leaf figs from every corner of the house. This LED grows light also features 5-level brightness and dimming mode.

Buying Guide – Best grow light for fiddle leaf figs

Before paying the amount to the retailer and ordering the LED grow lights to your home, pause! Are you sure you have paid for the right product? 

This buying guide will show you the top discerning factors while deciding on the best grow light for fiddle leaf figs. 


Unlike other plants, fiddle leaf fig plants are sensitive and demand bright light. Fiddle leaf fig plants show prominent growth when placed under direct sunlight. 

While growing fiddle leaf fig plants with grow LED lights, make sure they are bright. Bright light will promote healthy growth; the flower will bloom quickly with speedy seed germination.

Heat Dispersal

We all know electronic gadgets heat up effortlessly with continuous hours of use. This heat-up can cause short circuits and even sparks. Make sure the LED grow light you are paying for is heat-proof. Even the body material will also matter. The most preferred one is aluminum, as it disperses heat evenly without heating the body frame.

Uniform Light Distribution

Are you professional enough to know where to place the best grow light for fiddle leaf figs? The placement has a significant effect on the plant’s growth. Make sure to locate the LED light from where the light dispersal is uniform with adequate height.


We hope you’ve found the best Fiddle leaf fig grow light. Remember, it’s up to you which light you want to choose. Just make sure that whatever you’re selecting is quality. In case of confusion, we suggest you read the buying guide thoroughly. It can help you understand what type of grow light bulb you need for the plant. 


Can a fiddle leaf fig live with artificial light?

With enough hours of lighting with adequate brightness, fiddle leaf fig plants can live with artificial lighting. Keep the plants under LED light for at least 6-8 hours.

Do fiddle figs like grow lights?

Fiddle leaf figs plants love light, whether natural or artificial. The brighter be the light, happier be the fiddle leaf figs plants.

How often should I mist my fiddle leaf fig?

Keeping the fiddle leaf fig plants is a great idea, but avoid overwatering them. Watering the plant once or twice a week is enough to promote growth.