Mars Hydro vs Spider Farmer in 2022 – Battle Of Best LED Grow Lights

You have just planted a seed, and it’s time for the plant to sprout! But, how do you ensure maximum growth of the plants?

Of course, LED grow lights are the perfect answer here!

LED grow lights provide a variety of wavelengths to fuel photosynthesis in plants! Now that it’s decided that you need them for successful results, let’s look for the best grow lights in the market.

Mars Hydro and Spider Farmer are among the most famous and reliable brands for LED grow lights.

Both brands are known for delivering high-quality products which yield fruitful results for beginners and professionals. It is pretty hard to choose between these two brands.

Mars Hydro vs. Spider Farmer is a dispute that confuses many consumers. Let’s discuss the perks of both manufacturers to resolve this matter!

Spider Farmer – Company Background

Spider Farmer is among the leading companies that manufacture quality LED grow lights. It has been working in the market since 2009 and has continuously upgraded its models according to the latest technologies.

Whether a beginner or professional, the vast product line from Spider Farmer will provide plenty of options to fulfill your needs. Even if you want affordable LED lights to do experimentation in your home or you need heavy-duty lights for commercial indoor cultivation Spider Farmer has got you covered.

Grow light models from Spider Farmer are highly in demand because of their remarkable efficiency and durability. The company has further increased its reliability by incorporating quality components like Samsung diodes. Innovative designs of these models are user-friendly and easy to install. The latest designs by Spider Farmer ensure saving power and money to help farmers in meeting ends.
Positive user reviews about Spider Farmer from all over the world prove that it is a quality provider, and if you decide to purchase its LED lights, you won’t have to worry about the growth of your plants.

Mars Hydro – Company Background

Mars Hydro is a renowned company with an experience of 13 years of manufacturing LED grow lights and grow tents. It is famous for providing affordable products without compromising on quality. It started in 2009 by supplying variable products to personal and commercial growers. With time it has improved its models remarkably to incorporate the latest farming trends.

Mars Hydro LED grow lights provide the ideal light spectrum ratio to aid the consistent growth of your plants. These lights have energy-saving designs that are efficient and contribute to power savage. They are easy to install and come with a warranty period, so you don’t have to worry about the durability of these lights.

Mars Hydro products are certified by CE, ROHS, and ETL. Almost all of the components used in production are UL listed. Before shipping your orders, Mars Hydro tests its product multiple times to ensure customer satisfaction. Mars Hydro is a trustable name if you want economical grow LED lights without compromising quality.

Mars Hydro vs Spider Farmer – A Detailed Comparison

Mars Hydro and Spider Farmer are big names in the industry of LED grow lights. Both provide quality products to users for error-free indoor farming. We have a detailed comparison between Mars Hydro and Spider Farmer to help you understand which manufacturer is ideal for you according to your requirements.


The LED grow lights from Spider Farmer are an energy-efficient option because they have the latest technology installed in the form of Samsung diodes. These lights are engineered without cooling fans to ensure zero noise. Most grow lights have an efficiency rating of 1.5 to 2.5 micromoles per Joule, but Spider Farmer’s grow LED lights give 2.7 – 2.9 micromoles per Joule.

It makes them one of the most efficient LED grow lights available in the market.
Mars Hydro grow LED lights are energy efficient because their efficiency rating is 2.2 micromoles per Joule. But as compared to Spider Farmer, this number is low. These lights are also designed without cooling fans to increase efficiency. Mars Hydro’s lights are noiseless, and they generate negligible heat.

By this comparison, we can deduce that both manufacturers are trying to produce energy-efficient designs, but Spider Farmer has better results than Mars Hydro


LED grow lights from Spider Farmer are available in various sizes and prices. Their price range is $160 – $590. For $160, you will get an SF-1000 which covers a 2 x 2 feet area and is sufficient for one cannabis plant. For $590, you will get an SF-4000 which covers a 5 x 5 feet area. SF-4000 is the largest size available at Spider Farmer.

The price of LED grow lights at Mars Hydro is lower compared to Spider Farmer. You can get your farming lights from Mars Hydro for $80 – $380. By spending 80 dollars, you will get TS-600 which is adequate for a 2 x 2 feet area, and 380 dollars, you will get a TS-3000 which is enough for a 5 x 5 feet area.

Spider Farmer uses a Samsung diode which is expensive but very efficient. On the other hand, Mars Hydro uses a Bridgelux diode cheaper than the Samsung diode.

Mars Hydro is the right choice if you want a decent product on a low budget. There is no doubt that Spider Farmer has high efficiency, but you will have to increase your budget to grow LED lights

Uniform Light Coverage

Uniform light distribution is the key to the healthy growth of plants, whether indoors or outdoors. If not, the results will be one plant growth while the rest are at the seeding stage.

With Spider Farmer, one thing is guaranteed: uniform light distribution. An adjusting knob comes with Spider Farmer that allows you to adjust the light intensity and distribution per your need.

We measure the uniformity of indoor LED lights with Photon Flex Density (PFD). This technology tells how uniform the light distribution is despite the light intensity.

Spider Farmer SF1000 LED light has a spectral range up to 5000K with uniform light distribution. This even light spectrum allows the plants to bloom beautifully and be healthy. On the other hand, we have Mars Hydro TSL2000. The LED grow light also has uniform light distribution but is not up to the mark.

Spider Farmer does a better job of uniform light distribution with adjustment features

Warranty & Customer Support

Whether you make a $100 investment or $1000, you expect to get a warranty in return to have the confidence that you invest in the right place. Moreover, after buying the product, you have to deal with several problems that can only be solved with expert consultancy.

Most brands offer a toll-free contact number to their customers to get in touch with a single dial. Both brands care about their customers, whether Spider Farmer or Mars Hydro.
It is nerve-racking to install a LED light, especially for beginners. Keeping that in mind, Spider Farmer and Mars Hydro offer 24.7 dedicated customer support.

The dedicated team assists the customers day and night, winning hearts in return. Besides customer support, both brands also offer a warranty on their LED grow lights.

The least you will get is a 5-year warranty on the LED lights. Here, Spider Farmer offers complete after-service for 5-years on the product in Canada, the USA, Germany, and the UK. On the other hand, Mars Hydro provides full service in the first year.

Both Brands deliver dedicated customer support and a full-service warranty on the products

Fanless Design

Intensive light with uniform distribution never helps in plant growth. Continuous light emission produces heat, burning and weakening the plant stem. To maintain the temperature in the grow room, you need to install cooling fans or air conditioners. It all increases the electricity consumption rate.

The reason the majority of the folks now avoid having the old-fashioned LED grow lights is the over-heating issues. On the other hand, fanless LED lights are effortless to maintain the heat and promote plants’ growth.

Talking about which brand offers fanless LED lights, that is Spider Farmer. Spider Farmer LED lights are astounding in maintaining temperature and promoting plants’ growth.

On the flip side, Mars Hydro doesn’t offer fanless design LED lights. With Mars Hydro LED lights, you will have trouble maintaining the temperature in the grow room.

Spider Farmer offers fanless LED grow lights to maintain temperature without stunting plants’ growth. Mars Hydro, on the other hand, needs to upgrade its technology

Designing & Quality

You might not count designing and quality necessary; little did you know, they are. Design tells how attentively the manufacturer has crafted the product, keeping the user’s taste in mind.

Besides the design, another thing to count on is the quality. For me, quality matters the most than the design and looks. High-quality products speak for their performance and durability themselves.

One thing that impressed me the most about Spider Farmer is its impressive and ergonomic design. You can confidently lend your hands to the LED grow lights and ensure long-lasting performance.

Nevertheless, the ergonomic design of Mars Hydro is second to none. Mars Hydro offers its customers classic LED grow lights. Yet, the missing element is the high-quality production.

If you are up for finding high-quality LED grow lights, Spider Farmer is undoubtedly for you. However, if you are looking for looks, go with Mars Hydro


Besides sufficient lighting and heat, water is essential for plants’ growth. Of course, you will water the plants, not the lights. What if you spilled water in the morning, won’t the circuit fuse and cause short circuits?

A waterproof circuit broad gives you the surety that no matter if you spill water on the lights, the performance will remain as out-class as ever.

What do you think which brand offers a waterproof circuit? The good news is that Spider Farmer and Mars Hydro offer waterproof circuit boards.

The circuit board that comes with Mars Hydro is anti-leakage and waterproof. The PET transparent protective layer inside the board protects the elements from heat and water damage.

Spider Farmer also offers a waterproof circuit board to protect the elements from moisture damage.

Spider Farmer and Mars Hydro offer anti-leak waterproof circuit boards that save from moist damage

Light Spectrum

The light spectrum is the last factor when comparing Spider Farmer vs. Mars Hydro. This factor has been the most controversial. Some users prefer having red & blue light spectrum, while some prefer a monochrome light spectrum.

As you know, colors play a significant role in plants’ growth and flowering. Take red & blue light, for instance.

The red light spectrum helps increase the plant size, while blue spectrum light is helpful for photosynthesis. Talking about monochromatic light, it has its importance in its shoes when used during the correct growth stage.

Spider Farmer offers all types of light spectrums that help promote plants’ growth. Mars Hydro, on the other hand, only has monochromatic spectrum light.

Spider Farmer has better options for light spectrums, while Mars Hydro only has a monochrome light spectrum

Which Light Color Spectrum is the Best for Plants?

Growing plants indoors has never been an easy task. Since you are making an artificial growth environment, you must provide all essential outdoor elements.

UV light from the sun is vital for plants as it promotes photosynthesis. LED indoor lights have a UV spectrum option, but we don’t know which color will do the best for plants.

Plants need a combination of colors like blue and red with 400-700nm wavelength. Besides the red and blue spectrum, a small amount of monochrome, green, infrared, and yellow spectrums are also necessary.

Blue and red colors are absorbed by chlorophyll. In return, this circulates in the plants’ green parts and takes part in photosynthesis.

Spider Farmer: What Do Customers Think?

One crazy thing about Spider Farmer is the die hard fan following. If you ever had visited the official website, you will have a better idea. The fact that makes Spider Farmer everyone’s favorite is the maximum light output with low energy consumption.

Most customers are still trying to figure out how Spider Farmer succeeded in manufacturing power-pack LED grow lights and accelerating the machine for maximum output.

One customer reviewed: “I thought Spider Farmer LED light would be the same as ordinary lights, but they proved me wrong. I installed the lights and waited for the results. After 3 weeks, the plants were healthy and all set for the flowering stage. After the flowering stage, I had to install the light on the ceiling as the light burst was ultra-efficient.”

However, not everyone thinks the same. For some users, Spider Farmer LED lights are the worst nightmare. Reason? Everyone has a different taste.

Mars Hydro: What Do Customers Think?

Piggybacking on Mars Hydro, in this section, we are highlighting what customers think about the brand. The affordable pricing is why Mars Hydro is the talk of the town.

Mars Hydro majorly uses SMD technology in the LED grow lights. This technology is 10xs better than the old version and lets the users have an indoor garden at the lowest possible cost. Besides the low pricing, the excellent quality is second to none.

However, one thing about Mars Hydro that irritates customers the most is the complex installation. While fixing the lights and setting the wiring, you will suffer if you are a beginner.

One customer reviewed: “I was so excited after I got a high-quality LED plant to grow lights indoors at reasonable pricing. Yet, my excitement was in vain when I sat down to install the lights. The installation is not for beginners.”

Is Mars Hydro Worth It?

The Spider Farmer vs Mars Hydro battle does not seem to end soon. Let us speedily proceed towards the conclusion. With the detailed comparison and discussion above, do you think Mars Hydro is worth it? In my opinion, yes.

Mars Hydro has been here in the grow LED light domain since 2009. The 13 years of experience is sufficient to stand out Mars Hydro as a leading LED light manufacturer.

The product line of Mars Hydro is second to none. You name it; Mars Hydro has it. The extended production line has every product you demand in your indoor grow room.

The affordable pricing makes it easy to have power-pack LED lights within a limited budget- starting at $80 minimum. Moreover, you get 5 years of warranty on the mornings with full service. Is there anything else you can ask for?

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Is Spider Farmer Worth It?

The main breed line of Spider Farmer is the LED grow lights. One line review about Spider Farmer is it is a reputable brand.

The lights offer a full-color spectrum with red, white, blue, and infrared colors. Moreover, an adjusting switch comes with the lights that lets you adjust the intensity of an individual bulb.

The uniform light distribution aids in promoting healthy growth. Besides, the high intensity is second to none. In short, you will need to displace the lights and install them at a distance. The intense output sometimes results in burning the stem and leaves. That’s not all! You also get 5 years warranty on the products with 24/7 dedicated customer support. The price is undoubtedly high, and that is because of the high-tech technology used in the lights.

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Mars Hydro vs. Spider Farmer – Which One is Better?

In this section, let us summarize which is better, Mars Hydro or Spider Farmer. But before that, let me clear one thing.

Whether Mars Hydro or Spider Farmer, both are the best in their shoes. Depending on our taste and demand, we out-rank one over the other.

As far as my thoughts are concerned, after extensive research, I finally chose Spider Farmer as the winner. There are several reasons for this acclaim listed below:

Easy interface – Spider Farmer is easier to put up and get going! It has less weight than Mass hydro which is a convenient feature.

  • If you are tight on budget, Mars Hydro will work for you as Spider Farmer lights are expensive.
  • Spider Farmer is the best for high-quality lights with high energy efficiency. Mars Hydro is also doing fine, but there is room for improvement.
  • Spider Farmer has better options than Mars Hydro for the entire light spectrum. Moreover, the light distribution is also uniform, perfect for promoting growth and keeping the plants healthy.
  • While comparing warrant & customer support, Mars Hydro and Spider Farmer are up to mark. In short, you won’t be disappointed with the services.
  • Mars Hydro needs to do better for fanless design LED lights. At the same time, Spider Farmer is up to the mark.
  • Mars Hydro and Spider Farmer are up to the mark about waterproof housing.

Concluding, in our opinion, Spider Farmer is doing an excellent job in every aspect. However, your perspective can be different. Mars Hydro might be the best match for you or any other user, which is okay.


Here we come to the end of this article. Spider Farmer vs. Mars Hydro are leading manufacturers in the grow light industry. Yet, it is essential to understand which one does a better job before investing.

If you are cost-conscious and finding something affordable, Mars Hydro LED lights will work for you.

However, if you are looking for something worthy and energy-efficient without concerning the price, look for nothing but Spider Farmer.

Do not consider this a final verdict. This comparison is unbiased, and the verdict is based on our opinion and perspectives. How about sharing your opinion with us? Let us know which one you find better and think has more advanced technology than the latter. Ensure to share your feedback in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which grow lights are the cheapest with the best quality?

Considering quality and efficiency, Spider Farmer grow lights are the best to go with, and their price is also reasonable. But if your budget is less, Mars Hydro lights are a better option because they are cheaper than Spider Farmer lights.

2) How long do Mars Hydro lights last?

According to the company, Mars Hydro lights have a 5-7 years lifetime. So, a grow light from Mars Hydro should at least work for five years. But Mars Hydro offers only one year warranty period to its customers, whereas Spider Farmer provides five year warranty period.

3) Is Spider Farmer better than Mars Hydro?

In terms of efficiency, Spider Farmer is better as it has Samsung diodes. Its efficiency rating is higher, and some consumers suggested that they got better results with it compared to Mars Hydro. The LED lights by Spider Farmer are easy to install and have a full light spectrum. The warranty period of Spider Farm LED lights is also more than Mars Hydro.

4) Why is Spider Farmer’s efficiency rate higher than Mars Hydro?

Spider Farmer provides very energy-efficient lights to its users because it has Samsung diodes and Means Well drivers. Both of these features contribute to increasing the efficiency of grow lights. The efficiency rate of Spider Farmer lights is 2.7 – 2.9 micromoles per Joule. Another reason behind its efficiency is that it has no cooling fan. Spider Farmer LED lights are noiseless and dissipate little heat.

5) Are LED grow lights harmful to humans?

LED lights are far less harmful than HPS lights. HPS lights can cause skin burns and damage to the eyes. They can also heat the equipment, and the chances of breakages may increase. Though LED lights are less dangerous, you should be careful. Avoid too much exposure to LED lights because they generate UV radiation. Spending too much time in LED grow rays can damage your skin and eyes. Before using LED lights, educate yourself enough and take all the necessary precautions.

6) How Far Should You Install the LED Grow Light from Plants?

Suppose you get a high-quality LED light still encountering dead and burned plants. Reason? You are not installing the lights properly.

Distance also a vital role in promoting photosynthesis, hence, healthy growth. If you have Mars Hydro LED lights, install them at least 20 inches away from the plants. You can maintain proper lighting at this distance without worrying about the plants burning with light intensity.

However, the situation can be different if you have Spider Farmer LED plants light. Spider Farmer lights are well-known for their intense light output. According to users, you need to remove the lights and install them farther after the seeding stage as the intensity can effortlessly burn the leaves.

For Spider Farmer light, you should maintain at least 30-40 inches distance. Even better, if you install the LED light with the ceiling. It will help keep light distribution without the need to dislocate them.