SPIDER FARMER SE1000W Review: Most Powerful Grow Light?

Spider Farmer Se1000W’s history doesn’t date back very long, but the company has been around for a while now anyway. After establishing themselves as an excellent seller in the cycling lighting industry with their high-quality lighting, they developed a way to make that same quality applicable to the indoor growing industry.

The Spider Farmer SE1000W LED Grow Light is an excellent example of this commitment because it upholds all the top-notch qualities expected from cycling lights and delivers it in a powerful package design.

It’s is a powerful, professional LED grow light with an excellent price-to-performance ratio. While it is one of the more expensive lights on the market, you get what you pay for.

This is a very powerful light capable of producing great yields in any size room or closet without having to worry about heat issues or other space restrictions. In SPIDER FARMER SE1000W Review, you will know more about this LED grow light and its pros/cons.

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Highlighted Features of SPIDER FARMER SE1000W Grow Light

  1. Unique design with 10 bar lights
  2. It comes with 3710pcs SAMSUNG LM301B diodes
  3. Excellent coverage area
  4. Daisy chain function and dimmable grow light
  5. Suitable for all growth stages.

SPIDER FARMER SE1000W LED Grow Light Review (In-depth Analysis)

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This grow light is perfect for your indoor garden. It’s designed to provide even coverage and give you the best chance at a successful harvest. The 10 bars of LED lights are gentle on your plants but still powerful enough to produce a healthy crop. This product is a grow light that has 3710pcs SAMSUNG LM301B diodes. The SE1000W Led grow lights draw 1000 watts with 2955 umol/s. This means it can help you achieve your desired growing goals and ensure the success of your plants.

It has 3200-4200K, 4800-5000k, and 650-665nm options to meet the needs of any grower. This product is perfect for seed to harvest and will help growers adjust the intensity of their lights. The Spider Farmer SE1000W LED Grow Light features red enhanced full spectrum, which can be dimmed manually. 

The SE1000W doesn’t come with fans, so no worries about noise. The product has a safety switch that turns off the grow light when water is detected, so the unit does not burn out from flood damage.

SPIDER FARMER SE1000W Full Spectrum

It has a detachable driver and an aluminum heat sink to ensure your plants get the best possible environment. The power cord is long, so you can place it where you need it, and the waterproof coating on the LED diodes ensures that this product will last for years.

The light has a daisy-chain feature, so you can connect up to 30 of the SE series grow lights together and control the brightness on all of them at once! The SPIDER FARMER SE1000W LED Grow Light is designed for indoor use only – it’s not meant for outdoor gardens. It also comes with an easy installation kit.

Coverage Area of SE1000W Grow Light

Coverage area is an essential factor to consider before buying a grow light. Here, SPIDER FARMER won’t disappoint you for sure. The SE1000W can cover a 4 x 4 ft to 5 x 5 ft coverage area.

SE1000W Grow Light Yield

Before choosing a grow light, you should know about the yield of the grow light. Because, high yield = high growing. The maximum yield of SE1000W is 2.5 grams/watt.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the working voltage of SE1000 grow light?

The working voltage of SE1000W is 200-270v.

Q: What diodes SPIDER FARMER used to build SE1000W?

The SE1000 builds with 3710pcs SAMSUNG LM301B diodes.


In conclusion, The Spider Farmer SE1000W LED Grow Light is an excellent choice for indoor growers. It’s designed to produce very high yields, and it has some of the best features on the market. With this light, you will be able to grow even the most difficult stains with ease. This light is one of the most powerful options available, so if you’re looking for a new grow light, look no further!