Triburst LED Light Reviews – Honest Review 2022

By William K. Arner •  Updated: 06/03/22 •  2 min read

Have you searched for LED lights and found Triburst’s LED light. If so, you might be wondering about a specific review. As you are aware, LED lights are more environmentally friendly. Though how well do the Triburst LED light bulbs perform?

Recently we had a burnt-out lightbulb in our garage ceiling. The light in our garage ceiling always seemed a little dim. Therefore, it was challenging to find things when we went through our tools. Sometimes I would find myself tripping over a miscellaneous cord in the shadows.

I bought this lightbulb to alleviate some of the hassles I experience when I go into the garage. However, I am always skeptical of new purchases.

When you look at the pictures of the contraption, it appears very complex. However, it easily screws into the lightbulb fixture, and voila! Incredibly bright light! 

Seriously, all you have to do is plug it in as you would a regular bulb.

The 44 LED bulbs produced by Triburst, radiates over 4000 lumens. This lightbulb emits over four times brighter light than a standard light bulb. 

The three hinged-wing panels you see on the box are adjustable up to 90 degrees. These panels are great as they can be angled in a 90-degree direction. You can easily focus super bright light wherever you need it. 

We observed that when we tilted them upward, the light reflected off the walls, making the garage even brighter and spreading the light out further. 

Speaking of the panels. The construction of the panels utilizes steel for maximum durability. Therefore the assembly of the screws and hinges is rust-proof. 

Triburst LED light bulb is energy efficient too. The LED produces a cool white light that is easy on the eyes. The estimated yearly energy cost of $6.02 is also light on the pocketbook.

Next project: illuminating the dark, scary basement! If you are seriously considering buying Triburst’s LED light, do it ASAP. Supply chains issues could affect availability.

I know I will be buying one for our basement. 

William K. Arner

William K. Arner is an expert on lighting & indoor gardening. He has 12 years of research experience in lighting products and indoor gardening. William likes to collect different types of lighting & gardening products like grow lights, indoor-outdoor lights or automotive lights, and test them in different ways. He likes to write his experience as tips and reviews about lighting related products so that people can choose the best and perfect one for them.