ViparSpectra P1000 Review: Everything You Need to Know!


Do you like to grow indoor plants like medical plants or peppers? Have you done everything to make them grow, but they just won’t?

Well then, worry not!

Did you know that different types of lights have other effects on plants? For instance, blue light vs red light for plants, where red light causes plants to make flowers and produce fruits. But, on the other hand, blue light strengthens their leaves and stems.

This means there are other ways to make your plants grow, such as lights like ViparSpectra P1000 LED. These lights are specialized with a spectrum to increase the yield and growth of your indoor horticulture.

These LED have many things to offer, so let us go through this ViparSpectra P1000 review with these things to discover and more:

  • What is ViparSpectra P1000 used for?
  • How does ViparSpectra P1000 work?
  • Highlights of ViparSpectra P1000
  • What are the pros of ViparSpectra P1000?
  • What are the cons of ViparSpectra P1000?
  • Is ViparSpectra P1000 right for me?
  • How to use ViparSpectra P1000?
  • How to program ViparSpectra P1000?

Additionally, we will also be talking about the best budget friendly ViparSpectra series.

 Once we go through all these points, you will better understand what this product is all about!

Indoor Lightning

What is ViparSpectra P1000 used for?

ViparSpectra P1000 is a grow light with various functions and the latest technology. The best part is that it is also affordable!

ViparSpectra P1000 provides high levels of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) to indoor horticulture.

As we mentioned above, this LED is used to promote plant growth and strengthen stems and leaves. Moreover, it is used to stimulate fruit production and flower growth.

All in all, ViparSpectra has what it takes for a plant to bloom and be nurtured fully.

How does ViparSpectra P1000 work?


This works due to its sunlight-like spectrum that gives off the PAR.

PAR light is a waveband of light in its spectrum that is used for photosynthesis. This PAR mimics the action of the sun on indoor plants, and that is what the ViparSpectra P1000 is equipped with.

The Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) value reported at the center of ViparSpectra P1000 is 796 umol/m2/s. You can achieve this efficiency by placing the fixture 12″ above the canopy.

Additionally, due to ViparSpectra P1000, the plants synthesize and yield more fruitful results.

When switched on, it only works with 5% of its ability. This is where you can easily adjust the brightness with the dimmer.

The base of ViparSpectra P1000 has a gel coating that prevents moisture from building up.

If you are still unsure how this works, worry not since you will receive a ViparSpectra P1000 manual with the light. This will undoubtedly make it easy for you to understand how it works.

Highlights of ViparSpectra P1000

Moving on, let us discuss some of the highlights of ViparSpectra P1000:


ViparSpectra p100 is a lightweight product that saves you from the hassle of carrying heavy lights. Being only 5 pounds, it is smaller than the other grow lights comparison.

Therefore, you can easily carry it around and place it wherever you like.


Zero Noise operation

Since ViparSpectra P1000 has no interior fans, this light produces no sound.

This light also has aluminum heat sinks that ensure a longer lifespan and heat dissipation.

Great yield

You can adjust this light according to the plant, stage, and environment. For instance, it has a:

  • 2’ x 2’ coverage for the flowering area
  • 2.5’ x 2.5’ coverage for the vegetative area if installed 16” and 20” away from the canopy.

3-year warranty

The way ViparSpectra P1000 is manufactured makes it a durable product with a 3-year warranty. In addition, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee if the product is faulty. 

Full spectrum-light

ViparSpectra is a whole spectrum of light that has:

  • 660nm red light
  • 3500K white light
  • 6000K white light

This spectrum range is so broad that it covers all the necessary growth stages of your plants and veggies. 

full spectrum

Infrared grow light

This is another one of the things that make ViparSpectra P1000 stand out. Its IR growth light also increases the yield of your plant, accelerating the flower’s blooming.

With this light, indoor gardening cannot get any more convenient.

This product is excellent for every indoor plant, from tomatoes and peppers to orchids, violets, and roses to basil and rosemary.

Easy Controls

Due to its dimmer function, ViparSpectra P1000 has easy controls, and this is precisely what makes it stand out.

The side of the board has a knob that works as a dimmer and controls the brightness levels of the light. This allows you to control the brightness of the light in accordance with your plant’s stage.

Area coverage is very Wide.

Being a solid light of 100W, ViparSpectra P1000 is a mid-range light which covers areas as broad as 2’x2’ at 14” and 2.5’x2.5’ at 18”.

Thanks to the dimmer function, you don’t have to adjust their height manually; you can change the brightness.

What Are the Pros of ViparSpectra P1000?

Since this is a great product, it has a list of pros that we shall be discussing, such as:

  • Increased efficiency due to white and red spectrum
  • Extremely energy-efficient
  • Reduces consumption
  • Easily controlled brightness
  • Greater lifespan due to aluminum heat sink
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Moisture protection due to Gel coating
Optimal Performance LED Grow Lights image

What Are the Cons Of ViparSpectra P1000?

Although being an exceptionally liked product by the horticultural industry, there are a few cons attached to the ViparSpectra P1000 grow lights, such as:

  • Less resistant to water
  • Low coverage
  • Not compatible with places having high temperatures

The Best Budget-Friendly ViparSpectra Series

ViparSpectra provides the best service for its customers. The brand is known for developing high-quality grow light lines. The spectrum series of ViparSpectra is the most OK pick for commercial growing purposes. However, if the customers are looking for a budget-friendly range, the ViparSpectra-Pro series is the best option.

Pro-series includes six models of incredibly high-performance growing lights, including the ViparSpectra P1000. These full spectrum indoor lights provide a high-efficiency and cost-effective experience to their users, making them one of the best budget-led growing lights.

Chips Image

How Many Watts is ViparSpectra P1000?

The ViparSpectra P1000 yields the best results and consumes only 100 watts. Therefore, not only the lights are cost-effective and saves hundred so of Dollars, but they are also long-lasting and worth a try. According to an estimate, these lights can work for 100,000 hours without showing any troubling signs.

The 100 watts P1000 light gives 2.5 x 2.5 ft vegetative coverage at 18-inch and 14 inches at 2 x 2 ft flowering. The proper placement of lights is as essential as maintaining an accurate environment for the plant’s growth. The lights must be placed somewhere between twenty-four to thirty-six inches above the soil, depending on the type of plant to be grown.

Who Can Use ViparSpectra P1000? 

ViparSpectra full spectrum P1000 is best for beginners ready to grow plants in indoor settings. The best part of this product is that it is seemingly easy to use and is the best choice in grow tents or grow rooms and as primary lighting for the plants. In addition, the beginners can easily understand the product’s adjustment levels, settings and fixing.

Moreover, the growers who want to experiment with their first attempt must also try these budget-friendly lights. These lights will prove to be a catalyst in growing the plants at a faster pace and will be beneficial from the nascent stage till the flowering stage of plants. 

Is ViparSpectra P1000 Right for Me?

ViparSpectra pro series is very economical and yields 50% better results than other lights. If you are on a beginner level or want a small-scale plant production regardless of the plant type, then ViparSpectra P1000 is for you. It is also the best tool for plant growth because it takes a small amount of space for installation. 

The multiple benefits of this product with minimum cons make it a must-try for plant growth needs. Customers of ViparSpectra P1000 trust this brand right after their first delightful experience. Moreover, it comes with a thirty-six month US local, money-back warranty.

Therefore, it is just the right product for everyone, the beginners, and the experienced buyers. However, if you are looking for a lighting system for large-scale production, then ViparSpectra P1000 is not for you.

How To Program ViparSpectra P1000 Lights?

The P1000 light comes in a package including a P1000 LED grow light, a six-foot power cord, a hanging kit, and a ViparSpectra P1000 user manual. The user manual includes all the details of adjusting and hanging the lights, making it easier for customers to install them without help.

The lights are easy to install and program. Users can hang the lights or mount them above the planting area. The light it generates is much better than some of the other 200 watts lights of the same size. Programming the lights is also an easy task. Users can set the ViparSpectra p series lights by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Turning on The Light

Turn on the lights and hold the knob to see the “on” and “off” options. Once the votes are visible, release the knob.

Step 2: Setting Time

Press the knob multiple times and wait for the H-SE option to appear on the screen. After that, again press the knob until the clock shows up. When the clock appears, use the knob to set the hours and minutes. Once the time is set, move on to form the intensity of light.

Step 3:  Setting the Intensity

After setting the time again, press the knob till Ch1 appears on the screen. Next, press the knob to select the light intensity from 5-100% as the plant requires. Don’t worry if the knobs need to be pushed multiple times, as adjusting the lights with on-light controls needs various pressing of the knobs.

Step 4: Setting Channel timings

Press the knob until C1 appears and select the hour slot to set hours. After that, press the knob again to set the minutes. Similarly, repeat the steps to set off and on the light’s next on/off timings.

For more instructions, a good ViparSpectra user guide is here with the product so that it is easy to install and use. One of the most loveable qualities of this company is that it maintains the user-friendly aspect of its productions.

ViparSpectra P1000 LED Diodes

The ViparSpectra company is famous for making quality products that are outstanding in their fields. The LEDs used in the ViparSpectra P1000 are high-energy Samsung diodes to deliver useable lighting per watt for better crop production.

What Is Better: ViparSpectra or Spider Farmer?

When comparing both ViparSpectra and Spider Farmer, it is revealed that the ViparSpectra lights are much better than the latter. This is because ViparSpectra lights have higher efficiency, yield high-quality results, and have more adjustable settings.

The product stands out from most competitors because of its Samsung LED chips and better result. In addition, the silent cooling system, the flexibility of dimmers, and seemingly user-friendly ViparSpectra P1000 deliver maximum satisfaction to the users. Moreover, the ViparSpectra reviews are much better than Spider Farmer.


ViparSpectra P1000 is a grow light that is perfect for indoor horticulture. Its unique qualities and sunlight-like spectrum work efficiently for all indoor plants.

It is one of the most refined products of ViparSpectra, which many small-scale indoor gardeners love. This latest technology product yields high efficiency with excellent light penetration at a small cost. Hence is highly recommended for beginners and indoor gardeners.

With many pros, customers love ViparSpectra P1000 due to its excellent results.

Will you end up purchasing it?

Do you have it and love its features?

Let us know down below!